Scum thread


A Spurs fan urinated in a cup and it was then thrown over fans at the match last night - including young children. Bloody disgusting. This thread is called “scum” for a reason!


Bloody hell! :gabriel:


He doesn’t even use his own wee.
How stupid is he, doing something like that at Wembley, and not thinking there would be a camera filming him?
What an idiot.


Fucking asshole


Erm his mate has a camera in his hand encouraging him to do it I don’t think he’s too worried about cctv



lol inshallah


If only following it was Arsenal repeating 1998-2006 from 2019 to 2027 lol.


Even if it isn’t, at least we’ll always have 98 to 06, Spurs don’t.

Now I think about it, our 98 to 06 is basically better than their entire history lol




Lol nobody loves Tottenham everyone hates them.


They’re the London/South’s equivalent of Liverpool. A big bag of cunts.


To be fair, that Newcastle team was one of the most exciting, attacking teams I can remember.
Especially when they thrashed Man U 5-0 and could have had more.



Almost as bad as ours.


bhahahahaha what a fucking tactical genius!! Mourinho 2.0 tbh. I’ll tell ya what though Poch, buy about a half billion worth of talent and you could probably park the bus all the way to the title tbh.


Fucking useless without Kane. So much for the genius of Poccettinho.


does this include when wigan won it? we won it in the past by finishing 10th in the league. best two teams? lol. no. community shield isn’t even a trophy, and shouldn’t be considered such.


we will beat that lot very soon. about time we time, last time we did was the Rosicky wonder goal at their (old) place. actually the last time was in the league cup in 2015/16, at their old place again.


draw was a fair result, but spurs bottled it. they had chances, but nothing major. Alli has been shit this season, Kane has propped them up. Pep was right, Llorente won’t be at the same level.