Scum thread


He (assumption) said ‘decent’. :wink:


Yeah decent was the key word clearly, don’t think we need to have a debate about the status of the league cup really because that’s where this is about to go lol


Spurs could’ve won a good trophy like the Community Shield if we didn’t technically knock them out of it by winning FA Cup


Oh wait I was wrong. The debate is now going to be about whether the Community Shield is a good trophy, I bet there’ll be some fresh and interesting points raised.


It is not a good trophy.


What do you mean it’s not a good trophy? Where’s your evidence?

It’s televised, it’s between the two best domestic teams, of course it’s a good trophy you feckless idiot.

I look forward to your rebuttal.


I think they should rebrand the COMMUNITY SHIELD to the BESTEST TEAM TROPHY because it good.


It is without doubt the most important pre season friendly trophy.

I think the winners should automatically get a place in CL, if they’re not already in it.



I still think he is just lucky and a crap striker…yeah i am bitter :frowning:


Plz go 2 madrid.



So cringeworthy. There really is no threshold for these guys is there?


And a player only as good as their manager manages and coaches them.

Hence we are a shambles.




You said a manager is only as good as his players are.

I am saying a player is only as good as his manager is.

First one: Leicester when they won the league. Huddersfield beating United. Just examples.

Second one: Arsenal and Wenger. Perennial underachievers for the last 8 seasons or so. The odd FA cup aside we have been scraping fourth and consistently been trounced and knocked out in the R16.

So our players are only as good as our manager is: hence we are playing like a 5-6th place team and not as title contenders.


Oh, I see now. You are just making a point that our manager is shit.

What you said is not opposite to what I said even though it’s sounds like it is. Both statements are independently true. However Kane is much more indispensable to Spurs than Pocket-inho. I can hardly imagine Kane will be any less good under another good manager, while Pocket-inho is unlikely to have such success with another good striker.


He was out for several games last season and it didn’t seem to make lot of difference.

Pochettino is the key for them.
They are well organised in defence and attack and every player is played to their strengths in a system that clearly works.

I’m not suggesting Kane is not a big player for them but so are Eriksen and Ali, and they also have several defenders that are top quality but for me Pochettino is their main asset and is the best in the PL considering the size of spurs compared to Man City, Chelsea and Man U.


The only reason why they got that is because they are using Wembley, and a lot of the ‘fans’ that came are neutrals they will never get close to having huge numbers. This is a flase record in a way because in general its not in their own stadium. If Arsenal or Manu or any big club got to use a really large stadium like Wembley for the EPL they would easily make this record too and probably surpass the spuds numbers too.


Unfortunately not true, my cousin in USA who was going to be in London on business last week asked me if I could get him 2 tickets for the spuds v Liverpool. It turns out that unless you have paid to be a member starting earlier than beginning of Sept no chance. So no tickets available to neutrals. They did manage to get 2 tickets via the bank they work for