Scum thread


That’s not Gouda news for them is it? The fans must be going Emmental about this sort of information. Being strung along like this for a whole season and whatnot. I mean, Wensleydale is the stadium finally going to be ready exactly?

Fromage the end of last summer, the promised they would have it completed in time however it certainly seems they’re firmly amongst the Frais.

totally did not look at cheesedotcom


I am disappointed by lack of stadium delay memes.
Online Arsenal-verse is only good for hijacking polls


There was plenty in September. Tis boring now.


All of the love in for Spurs win over Dortmund last night some people would do well to remember this is the first CL knockout game Pochettino has won since he arrived at Spurs.


“We won our first knockout game under Pocho” trophy :henry2:


True that, although the caveat to that is they were playing against Juve, Real and the like.

And still gave those teams some serious competition over the course of the ties.


Dark ffs just like the post and move on like everyone else instead of making it sound better than it does on paper :wink:


And it’s also worth noting he went out in the group stages from a group containing Leverkusen, Monaco and CSKA :slight_smile:


You and your Poch agenda :joy:


I’ll be proven right one day God willing brother. That will be magnum opus.




Cunts. Come on Dortmund, four-nil 'em at home.


Alli and Kane will be back in the return leg so no chance for Dortmund.