Scum thread


I can’t believe these cunts won so many games. Everytime I see them play they’re so mediocre.


Is this a bannable offence?




Both Arse and Scum made me money this weekend. What a time to be alive




Good defence


This is not the Luca I know.


It’s difficult to fight against their luck.


They won’t win the title, they’ll lose both games at Anfield and Etihad and finish a distant 3rd.


They better fucking lose soon. I’m sick of them being the third wheel in this title race haha


How could they possibly win this. They have to hope both City and Lolpool capitulate and basically be perfect here on out themselves. Not happening.


I agree but could you give it a % chance just to make it a real prediction please.


Odds are a better sign. 5,000 to 1 Leicester odds.


getting sick of all these trophies the scum are winning tbh


The numbers will tell u anything if u torture them enough 🖒


They’re pretending that they were never going to have a cheese room in the first place :thinking: This club.


Spurs fans are gonna be pretty cheesed off by this news. The owners are really milking the delay of the new stadium. Quite frankly, I just don’t give edam what they do anymore.



Very immature :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


What a fondue eh?


If you’re spending that much cheddar on a new stadium you may as well have the amenities to make it worthwhile.


This will surely brie’d contempt among our redneck neighbours. I blame Levy the stinking bishop.