Scum thread


Even though I think the current implementation of VAR is a bit shit it’s been in the world cup so there is no good reason it shouldn’t be in every top league.

If we wait until it’s perfect it will never be brought in.


It’s what I’ve said to mates who are opposed and pro ably on here, we’re gonna need to put it in place and then iron out the kinks


You really got me there for a minute. However im not like everybody else or a dedicated follower of fashion. Id just prefer the game to stay the way it is all day and all of the night.:thinking:


I expected a response and I got so tired, tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for you


While I’m here:



Pressure trophies

Vs Leicester 2016

Vs Manchester United 2018

Vs Chelsea 2017, 2019


They are very important! :wink:


Never forget



Going out in the League Cup to focus on the “big things” like Pocho has always said.




They always win.


That denial runs so deep


Lol I’m a big fan of people treating tonight like it was David v Goliath. Even the pundits were like “Given the circumstances Spurs did very well”. They stopped short of adding “bless them”.

It wasn’t their under 12s against peak Barcelona ffs. Sure they were without their favoured front three, but they still had a decent team out there, and Chelsea haven’t exactly been firing on all cylinders lately.



For any other club I guess I’d probably pity them. They’re good, but have nothing to show for it.

I’m getting the feeling now they’re going to become a bit of a Keegan’s Newcastle. Like “Corrr do you remember that team we had in the late 2010s?” rather than any given moment or any particular achievement that stands out, just “our team was pretty good”


They once had Modric and Bale in the same team and didn’t win anything.

It just goes to show how much Kane carried them.



Tonight then Kane wasnt able. . .