Scum thread


They have no money to spend with their stadium costs spiralling.

Otherwise they would of signed someone in the summer


Pocho needs to ask Pulis how to play, then :poldi:


Patrick Kluivert seems to get a free ride on this. Like most things football related the better the player. . .




I am so sorry.




And, FWIW, the BBC Gossip reckons the spuds are looking at Andy fucking Carroll for a short term solution up front. Boy, they sure know how to attract cunts.


March again :joy::joy::joy:


this was gonna happen for a couple of seasons they have been really lucky with their lack of injuries. But you cannot have a paper thin squad playing in the EPL, CL and cups and not expect this to happen hopefully this will be the season it comes home to roost.


Their luck is finally running out. Love it! :wenger:


I think Chelsea will overturn them in the LC with the injury problems and they’ll be in trouble vs Dortmund in the CL.

They’ll still finish in the top 4 though, they have a nice buffer ATM and will continue to do enough vs teams 7-20 that they won’t let it slip.


If they do anything other than drop a significant number of points (and exit a couple of competitions) minus Kane/Alli/Son then tbh they deserve it


if eriksen gets injured next they will struggle BADLY


What a laugh it will be when they start in their new ground next season with fuck all to show from this season after all the bullshit.


They were lucky against Fulham, tbh. It was a sign they are probably gonna struggle without so many players.


They’ll struggle more without key players of course, but they have enough of a buffer with the remaining schedule they have as far as top 4 is concerned.


Yeah that jammy win against Fulham might be the difference maker for them


He is their best player.
Kane might be their top goal scorer but without him he wouldn’t get nearly as many.
Eriksen is exactly the sort of player we need to replace Ozil, so perhaps Emery should put a cheeky bid 100m in for him, and we could give him the wages Ozil is on.


“Normal” Spurs :speak_no_evil:


Fuck up. Just cause your scum team is full of divers


The main reason VAR is so popular is because it’s supposed to stop cheating players like Kane and Alli diving.

It doesn’t seem to have stopped them but at least we can see they aren’t getting all decisions going their way like they used to before VAR cane in.