Scum thread


Dembele is going to China.


Think of all the money they’ll save.
An empty trophy cabinet is a lot lighter to transport to the new stadium and they don’t have to hire a specialist silverware polisher.


Oh FFS, Spurs apparently negotiating a loan deal for Malcom with the option to buy in the summer. Hope this isn’t true in the slightest. Would be a pisstake them getting Malcom whilst we sign Denis Suarez


Typical haha.

Genuine question though, how good is Malcom really? I’ve never seen him properly play and on the face of his figures (not always the best indicative gauge admittedly) nothing really screams out to me. Something screams out Lucas Moura 2.0 to me


I think we’ve got to expect this sort of thing

  1. As long as we’re out of the Champions League

  2. Until we’re willing to throw money at players in daft wages a la United.


So no Sissoko, Son and Kane for about 1 month. Hopefully they collapse in style.


They get £11m for a 31yo out of contract in the summer, meanwhile Arsenal continue to Arsenal us all to death


Probably because he isn’t hard working enough.


I thought that was our speciality :wink:



UNREEEEEEAL :joy: :joy: :joy:


That horrible prick Alli crying :joy::joy: on the subs bench kinda makes up for Fulham being cunts.


Was he crying because he was injured?


Yeah was trying to hide it with his hand over his face :joy::joy:


A bit harsh, innit. Not that I like Alli but if he’s visibly upset after an injury, it’s understandable.


He’s a scum player fuck him.


Weren’t you condemning Arsenal fans for having a similar view to Bellerin getting injured yesterday?


Well yes as hes an Arsenal player :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not gonna wish injury on him but if he’s upset at getting a hamstring injury which isn’t a bad injury I’m gonna find it funny as he is a prick


Doesn’t matter whether his injury is not as bad as Hector’s, any footballer getting an injury that puts them out for a while is going to hurt. What might seem relative minor now, could end up being a continual after effect like Michael Owen, where you never truly recovered.

I mean sure it’s Ali, who cares, sod him and all that, but seems kinda odd laughing at a player crying over getting injured if you ask me :slight_smile:


Yea laughing about Allis injury is over the top imo. Celebrating it seems a lot more plausible if you ask me.