Scum thread


FCK EM !!!


So Kane is back early March, so they can ease him back in vs our shambolic defence ?


It says back training in March but the cunt always scores against us so he’ll be playing with his cast on :joy::joy::joy:


It’s a shame he’s injured. I’d rather we beat them when he’s fully fit.




Sneaky Calum, but you are right :bellend:


Why sorry Luca. This news made my Tuesday! :joy:


they deserve some injuries for sure. Those fucker have had it too easy for too long GET IN !


Klaim can’t claim goals until march ahahahah! :bellend:


Oh for fucks sake Luca. I’m adding Klaim to the filtered word list on OA. It’s the only word we won’t allow on the board. I can’t believe you made me use it.




Just a joke because he always claims goal. Snowflake.


He hates me. No surprise.




This is brilliant :joy::joy:


I don’t even think he’s Arsenal tbh.

We know our enemy much better than Chris.

Nottingham Forest

Easy peasy. (He’s probably Chelsea)


That should be in the Funny Picture/WTF thread, too. Fucking ace!


Spud caaaaaaaants :rofl::rofl:


but at least now they have a bigger shop to sell a lot more dvds…thats something for them to shout from the rooftops about! :henry2:


Where is the “we put the pressure on” trophies? They are full of them :henry2: