Scum thread


Yeah, Huddersfield aren’t staying up :smile:


Emery is the form man when kicking water bottles into rival fans tbf.


Maybe Spurs got relegated to the championship for being stupid pricks with their Stadium :wink:



stay classy spuds :xhaka:




Apparently Kane is set to miss Spurs next 7 matches. With Son going to the Asia cup and Moura being injured too, they have a bit of a crisis. Cunts.


So 1 month out at least. Cool. Hopefully they can surfer from it.


Front 3 now of Moura, Llorente, Lamela ?

Or could push Alli up now that they have Eric Dier nearly back.

They’ve taken a hit but I don’t think the drop off from their 1st choice XI is as steep as some indicate


They’re well handicapped, marginally fucked even. Nice!:giroud:




Hopefully he won’t be back before their new stadium is ready.


If we had our shit together this would be a sure fire way back into the top four.

No Kane or Son is hugely devestating for them, just our luck that United aren’t playing like a relegation doomed side anymore.


Big blow if true. Not sure how much damage it will do to their top 4 stature though, Man Utd and Chelsea have a job to do still and we’re not likely to worry them much at all :man_shrugging:


Dame what a shame no one bought Llorente before kane got injured.

Kane will be rushed back for the champions league


considering Son is pretty much the only other player that score goals if he could drop out of this ridiculous form he’s been in for a while I don’t really see who’s going to score their goals… Moura with a few? Son is in Asia until the start of Feb, we’ll see in the next few games here I guess.


Kane is going to have to steal more than just the one goal to win the golden boot this season then :speak_no_evil:

Moura is also injured. Guess they’ll be relying on Alli and Eriksen a lot. They might even use Alli as a false 9.


Didn’t know Moura is out as well. Hope they’ll lose some points here then! :giroud:


I worked it out and Kane or Son have scored 18 of their last 34 goals, going back to the start of December.

Of the rest, Eriksen has 4, Alli has 3


LOLLLLLLLLLLL! Sorry, but get in!

Just fucking need to have our shit together now.