Scum thread


How likely do you think that is? In percentage terms to the nearest decimal place


I think it’s slightly odd that you seem to actually be wondering if this could be what happened.


Highly unlikely.


And if that highly unlikely event doesn’t occur would you consider this action to be racist?


I don’t. It’s a hugely unlikely event.

But to go full circle on this. It’s most probably a racially aggravated act but, then again, there’s a small chance that it might not be.


Genuine LOL.


Overrated fuck


:joy::joy: Sherwood is clueless



When is the dvd coming out about kane’s new shoes?

Small time club


^^ If you ever wondered what pictures of cuntdom looked like. Fucking pathetic.


It’s strange that Pochettino doesn’t think it’s ok to celebrate a win against our biggest rivals in an important match after going a goal down, to try and get fourth place.
But is fine with his striker claiming goals off a team mate in order to be the PL top scorer which he then failed to do and he also seems fine with his players diving and cheating at every opportunity.

He seems to be a big admirer of his players underhand and cheating methods of gaining an advantage but can’t quite grasp the excitement of winning a derby match against our local rivals.


I would class racism as a form of collective idiocy.


I take your point but I think it’s more collective ignorance than idiocy.
I know a lot of highly educated and intelligent people that are racist and I also know people that aren’t well educated, or not what you might call intelligent, but they can’t stand racism.



He’s so obsessed with the golden boot :joy::joy::joy:the only trophy he can try and win every season


Pressure on Leicester trophy
Pressure on Chelsea trophy
Golden Boot 2016 and 2017
We beat Real Madrid trophy
I’m a Celebrity Winner 2018

Not bad tbh.


Let’s see some pressure from Barca and flatten these cunts tonight.


wow how very spursy


There can’t be yet another delay surely.
It must the cleaners taking so long to clear away all the cobwebs that have amassed on their trophy cabinet that is holding the new stadium opening back.