Scum thread


I love reminding them of where they belong :auba:


LOL very true. You’re there for the pies and pints. Not bringing your own fruit


How stupid are you, especially when you have a bunch of black doods on ur own team.


spuddies aint known for their brains


You’d also be a bit of a cunt for bringing a packed lunch to the football.


tbh spuddies dont need a packed lunch to look a bunch of cunts


A banana skin has been an object of racial abuse in football for fucking ages. If he’d thrown an apple it might be a different story.


Do you interpret in movies, when they burn a cross on a black person’s lawn, as it been an expression of ‘we’re sad Jesus died and we hate crosses because of it’? Rather than racism


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: :baby_bottle::baby_bottle::baby_bottle:


No I don’t. If you want to add to the debate, fine. If you want to resort to bullshit sarcasm, direct your replies elsewhere.





That’s fine. I’ll just use your replies to amuse me


In all seriousness as @Dr_Strangepass pointed out bananas have been thrown at black people to imply they’re apes/monkeys for a long time. There’s famous pictures of John Barnes back heeling away a banana thrown at him and of Ian Wright simply eating it. I’m assuming you’re simply aware of all of that


Yeah it’s very clear to see the intention behind it. You’d have to be ignorant beyond belief to throw a banana at a black player and not understand the racial connotation behind it.


Would it have killed you to reply like that in the first place?

But, yeah, as I was saying to that other guy, I just can’t see how this would have been a premeditated act.

Innocent until proven guilty. If he’s just chucked a banana skin out of anger then he’s an idiot and it’s dangerous. Let’s wait and hear the full story before we say it’s racism


So basically if the bloke says it wasn’t racist, you’re gonna believe him.

Any racist cunt throwing a banana could just say they aren’t racist and that’s good enough for you? Or not… Because I don’t understand what you mean by hearing the full story.

Nobody in football has ever innocently thrown a banana at a black footballer. Nobody in any walk of life throws a banana or banana peel at someone else, it’s just not something someone does, apart from in literally one context.

So we return to my initial comment that you took issue with. A person throwing a banana at a black person at a football match is either a racist (and it’s basically 99% of the time this) or they are some sort of special breed of fucking idiot. Racist or idiot. Those are the two options.


It’s not very dangerous but it is almost certainly is racist. I’m not sure you want that proving. It’s based on social context and the odds of it not being the case. The fella who threw the banana skin will get a conviction for a racial crime off the back of it. It’s open and shut case unless he can pretend it wasn’t him who threw it.


We don’t know it was a racist act yet. We don’t know what happened thereafter. We don’t know if the fan was white, black, asian or from another ethnic category.

It may well have been a racially aggravated act. In which case shame on him/her. It may have been racism and anger. Or it may have just been anger alone. Everyone knows what fans can chuck in anger (I needn’t remind you that I witnessed our lot in person shove a photographer and chuck a stool at Adebayor in anger at the Etihad)


This seems to suggest only white people can be racist lol. Asian or any other ethnic category can still be racist towards black people.

But if a black person threw that banana I’ll donate twenty quid to a charity of your choice :joy:


I wouldn’t suggest that white people and white people alone can be racist. I know that at a personal level.

If, however, it’s proven that a black fan threw that banana then the likelihood of it being a racially motivated “throw” is less likely.