Scum thread


Aussie no offence but your are super pessimistic all the time so we will respectfully disagree :wink:


And I’m still waiting to be proven wrong :cry:


They’ve still to play Chelsea, while we’ve to play man United, and also, we play eachother too.

Way too early to judge. But fuck these cunts



keep on sending it in…it will be like shrek ‘is it ready yet…no’ ‘is it ready yet…no’ ‘is it ready yet…nooooo donkey it isnt ready yet’


I have a date for them. August 2019.

Would be cool to spoil their big day though haha


Please let us be their first game :pray::pray: haha




Says “this type of video file is not supported”. Suits me just fine.:slight_smile:


Another trophy :clap:


DVD incoming.


North London wasn’t white 4-2 long


Wish we scored one more.




I think we’ve got to be certain that that is a racial slur before The Scum jumps to conclusions.


Throwing a banana skin isn’t exactly an ambiguous act.

Nobody would do that in ignorance of how it would be interpreted.


If I had just eaten a banana and I could throw something at a opposition player in a derby who decided to celebrate in front of me, I’d be tempted to chuck it at him, too.

(Again, all hypothetical. I don’t condone the act of chucking things at footballers. Our fans were just as bad during the melee after Dier’s equaliser)


Well frankly that would make you either a fucking idiot or a racist. Or both.

And unless our fans did something racially charged, then no, they weren’t just as bad. Have you even got any evidence of any of our fans throwing anything? Leaving racism aside, that would be a great start to backing up your claim.


Like I said, I don’t condone the act of throwing things at players, but seeing as you took some sort of satisfaction at name calling and branding in a roundabout way, that’s fine. That’s your prerogative.

And I’m sure I saw stuff being thrown by our fans. God knows what it was. Coins, who knows?

I just don’t think it’s right to jump to conclusions about the fan who chucked a banana peel at Aubamayang. I don’t think it’s a racial slur. I just don’t think there would have been a premeditated act of “I want to eat this banana, save the peel and chuck it at a black player when or if one celebrates in front of me”. That’s just my opinion though


Who the fuck brings a banana to a football match anyway