Scum thread


Poch will go to Real Madrid and bring Eriksen in, next summer.


Is Eriksen good enough for Real Madrid?

Kane strikes me as the kind of guy who wouldn’t want to leave the PL (which isn’t a bad thing)

Would imagine he’d want to break Shearer’s record


Yeah when you struggle to speak English as it is, heading to Spain would be awfully tough for Harry.


Neville says a lot of sensible and realistisch things about Tottenham and their place in the League. They’ve simply reached their ceiling.


Dont think hes good enough for them. He starting too look quite limited tactics wise imo. Losing to united in last years semi final was a turning point for me. It was a game when expectation came knocking and they went missing.
He couldnt rescue it and ive doubted him since then.


Bale still went to Spain, tbh. Money talk.


I can’t remember what teams they put out for the domestic cups but he was trying to shit talk us, in a round about way of saying they aspire to win bigger silverware. Admireble but short sighted.

I admire what Arsene Wenger did at Arsenal but we are at a different stage in the project.

“The pressure to win only cups is not useful for us. If we can win the FA Cup, Carabao Cup, fantastic, but the principal option is to win the Premier League and put Tottenham in a position to win the Champions League.”


Think he’s done a great job considering they’ve had £29mil net spend since 2014.

If he had money to spend who knows but thank goodness he’s been shackled by Levy.


What an article :wenger2: :wenger2: :wenger2:


It’s been their best start to a season so I don’t get where all the borderline crisis talk is coming from. The only real issue they have is the stadium hasn’t been built and their European form has been poor.

Other than that they’ve missed several key players through injury and other factors this season. They’re still contenders for top 4 which is what you’d expect from them at this stage. They don’t have enough financial muscle or ambition to become genuine title contenders.

They didn’t sign anybody in the summer but they’re still a strong squad.


I think it stems from the fact they just don’t seem to be kicking on, granted they’re doing their stadium but it’s still kinda like Peter Pan syndrome in a way.

Without the added squad depth it’s going to be yet another long season, we’re rotating our players very well despite competing in EL but it’s like everyone of their starting XI has to play every game.

Eriksen is being rushed back because they he’s so key in the final third, hardly any of their players got any rest after the World Cup so it’s no suprise they’re jaded and breaking down. Could see them finishing outside top four easily, they’re quite resilient though so will be interesting to see what the top four is this season.


They’ve had their best start without buying anyone and having to deal with injuries. They are doing extremely well considering the circumstances and with not having a home.

They are in a similar boat to what we were a few years ago, managing to stay top 4 whilst building a stadium with minimal transfer net spend.
They are far from in crisis. In fact they are showing resilience during this tough time.

Anyway, thats enough praise for them. Swamp dwelling cunts.


So I’m hearing Deli, or whatever his fucking name is, has just signed a new contract till 2021. Anyone heard terms?


100k a week apparently, he will go to somewhere else if he is any good (which he isnt but his ego will tell him different) look how much aaron ramsey wants he is only on half that so that is a vastly underpaid nowadays so it wont be long before he will be looking elsewhere.


They don’t look a force this season though. They look very beatable, instead.


Agree with this completely. If your stadium situation only affects you then the only damage being done is to you. Carry on as far as I’m concerned.

But when you look at the state of that pitch and the fact it clearly affects the quality of the “product” ie reducing the level of football being played, then it’s a different matter.

A match between two of the best teams in the country should never be played on a pitch like that when you factor in the money, audience, stakes etc. Was an utter shambles.


This says £150k

Plus they have this to deal with :eyes:


Anyone know what Kane & Eriksen are on in terms of wages ?


dunno how accurate it is, but seems about right


140k a week for Son! :flushed: