Scum thread


They’ve extended their kit deal with Nike until 2033.

£30M a season for 15 years?



Isn’t their stadium debacle the kind of thing that means you get docked points? I don’t know the rules but seems like the sort of fuck up that should have some sort of consequence.


That’s extremely unlikely. The FA and EPL are bending over backwards to accommodate them.


I don’t quite see how it could be classified as bending over backwards. So far all they’ve done is allow them switch their games and taken their money.


Scudamore said on numerous occasions that they wouldn’t allow them to use two different venues, because it wouldn’t be fair, and it’s against the rules.

So it’s only recently that they’ve done a u-turn and allowed it.


They haven’t allowed it yet.


Look the hatred for Spurs if kept aside, I don’t see why the whole club has to be punished if one department & a third party contractor fucked their situation.

It’s a stadium delay, not a match fixing scandal.

That said the ad of only place to watch championship league in London should massively backfire now.


I like your subtle inference of using the word “championship” in there, Trion. :slight_smile:






There’s probably going to be managerial position at Real Madrid coming up soon so I expect he will be near the top of their short list.
Unless he wants to stay at a club that hasn’t got a stadium built yet, with very little money to spend, and he gets the chance to manage one of the biggest clubs in Europe, I’m sure he’ll take it.

He won’t be unhappy there and he might take Kane and Eriksen with him.



Pitch looks fucked!


:giroud3: Imagine your manager saying this LOL


One foot out already!


Oh, so does that mean he has given up on winning the “real” trophies then?


To be fair at least he is being honest, unlike Wenger in the latter part of his tenure who was sprouting how our squad was top quality and he believed we could win the title with what he had etc.


things are gonna go to shit for the spuddies pretty damn quick. If morale is dropping like stone already and the manager looks to be pissed and possibly leaving their best players will look to leave they have a massive stadium debt to pay off might miss out on the CL things could unravel pretty damn quick. Soon you will be hearing from their shitbag fans ‘wish we never moved stadiums what was wrong with whiteheart lane’


What a response, top drawer


Who gives a fuck about this tosser. Ex former Arsenal legend who hates us. He can get lost.