Scum thread


Don’t see Spurs ever beating Barcelona at the Camp Nou. I hope not anyway


If spurs beat Barcelona, there will be a DVD and a trophy celebrating the event.


In normal circumstances I’d agree, it’s just games where a team has already qualified sometimes strange results happen. Every chance spurs hopes are doomed before the final match day also though.


If Spurs win at Nou Camp, they will add a new trophy to their cabinet


So Spursy.


The only niggle is Inter getting the result over PSV for me. Im 95 pecent certain they get it but Italian mentality in these situations can sometimes go wrong. Hopefully they get something in London to quell any of this.


Can we contact the Advertising Standards Authority?

Though, they could still do it I suppose. It’s been done before. Remember in our Invincible season, we only had 1 point after 3 CL games and we still got through – that was when we went and battered Inter Milan at the San Siro!


Yeah I think on matchday 4 that year also we only escaped with an 88th minute goal from Ashley Cole at home to Kiev also from memory.


I remember that goal very well. Couldn’t stop talking about it in school the next day.


Same :joy:


And when somebody inevitably posts a photoshopped DVD pic, you can guaran-damn-tee my brown ass is gonna be clicking the “like” button


It wouldn’t surprise me if Inter got a result vs Barça at the San Siro. From the top of my head (which might be wrong) they don’t seem to have a great record in the San Siro and they will be without Messi.


Just admit defeat lads, it’s not gonna be ready until next season, is it?


I do think the PL needs to step in and insist they can’t change ground after more than half the season has elapsed.


Yep. They can’t play the first half at Wembley and the second half at their shambles of a new stadium


What a shambles :laughing:

To quote an old Top Gear saying, “We were ambitious, but rubbish”.


Is the first NLD of the season away or home?


Home, we don’t play the away one until 2nd March


Pretty sure the rules say you can’t play your home league games at more than one venue during a season.