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Are we talking mental fatigue and a drop in motivation. Because physically they should be well recovered in that time.

I can imagine initially Spurs as a collective were quite excited about the direction they were going in. But they’ve plateaued since then and they realise they won’t be moving forward without additions that they can’t afford right now. That’s going to hit their motivation somewhat. Plus their game was based on intense pressing. It’s hard to maintain that month after month.


Well written article this.


Who’s got a violin?


He is damn lucky he is complaining about just that because lets face it, it is totally unfair to the rest of the fucking league they have broke league rules about how many homes they have had this season without a points reduction.


It seems like he’s getting his excuses in early.
The sign of a manager under pressure.
Man U will be looking for a new manager soon and will be handing, who ever it is, more money than they have had before, I wonder how near the top of their list Pochettino is.


I saw this tweet from a Spurs fan/journalist earlier too. Can’t handle the pressure .


Squad is too small? It’s not like they had over 3 months to buy players in this thing every other club used called the summer transfer window :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I think Wenger had a little chat with pochettino and levy over the summer break :giroud:


“Some titles” like “we put pressure on the top”? :grinning:


Massive fucking pussies.


Best start to a season ever and they’re still below us :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Is that their first trophy of the season?


It doesn’t feel like it’s been their best start to the season. They look like they have stagnated somewhat and don’t look as fluid as they did last season. But if they’re racking up the points I doubt their fans will care – if anything it will be a “trophy” – “we’ve played most of our games away, we didn’t buy anyone and we’re not playing well, yet we have started strongly”. I’ll be amazed if they can keep it up though. I just don’t think they have enough in the tank.


“Best start ever” trophy :unai:


Taking Tottenham out of the equation, it’s kind of an indictment on football that a club with several homegrown guys, a good manager who came from obscurity, are still struggling to get anything done because all football is nowadays is a money game.


Hey tell that to Leicester (never gets old)


Why would they tweet such a thing? Masochists.


18 points from 8 games is a super result for them, they have played relatively poorly this season so far.


Could say the same thing about us too


Yeah I agree 100 % with that.