Scottish "Politics"

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I can’t believe it. She definitely did so this secretive inquiry is sus

What a piece of shit country this place has turned out to be.

I hope the SNP get routed in May, I’ll be voting Labour or spoiling my vote.

Not yet decided on the lesser of the 2 evils then mate?

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Don’t vote for the appeasement party. Spoil the paper. It’s what we’re left with down here too.

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British politics is very depressing. Originally The Labour Party represented the working classes. They fucked the working classes off under Blair and co and got away with it for a few years. And they’ve never done anything to win back low income voters. The party doesn’t focus on their base and hence they failed.

Plus when the SNP take up Labour seats, it really does help The Torries divide and conquer

Luckily we got other independence parties on the list, however they have zero clout.

I guess that’s as good a protest vote as any.

The SNP are going the way of New Labour. Eschewing their members and activists for a idiot cabal at the top who want to enact their own stupid plans and ambitions.

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Oh you fucking love to see it.

We are back in business.

Cc. Ian Dunt

Not normally interested by the internal politics of our client state, but this is pretty outrageous from Sturgeon. Salmond was found not guilty in a court of law of allegations that it is at least open to question that Sturgeon’s government promoted in the first place. There is no stain on his character, and she’s still trying to make capital off it.

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@Calum :sunglasses:

Also, 6% in the course of a week. Great stuff, hope it continues rising.

In other news, another SNP scandal:

I don’t understand the difference of voting SNP twice and voting for them both haha?

If one party wins a constituency seat in a region, they get penalised in the list to make it more proportional.

If you vote SNP on the constituency, and they get in. Your SNP list vote is worth like 1/10th of a list vote for any other party if that makes sense.

In 2016, the SNP would lose list seats to Labour or Tories despite having like 5 times the vote.

So to vote SNP on the constituency, and any other party on the list (if you’re pro-independence any other pro-indy party) is the best way of maximising the yes vote.

That’s what I did in 2016, voted SNP on the constituency and greens on the list.

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Nice you have explained that the best way I’ve read so far haha :joy:

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Alex Salmond has such an ego!

I’m not sure I understand the implication? That Nicola Sturgeon commissioned these tees personally and put them on sale to satisfy her ego?

Oh how I would love if the tory cunts lose their leader of the opposition status :fire::raised_hands::pray:

SNP and Yes side tanking in the polls.

Surprise, you tell your voters to fuck off, and they actually go and do that!

Of course the liberal careerist idiots will do what their brethren the world over do, and blame everyone but themselves.

SNP are a joke. Basically guaranteed to be in government and could do so much good. Their focus on independence is so detrimental to the long term. Show what you can do as a devolved power and play on that, independence will follow. But it’s not actually about any of that, it’s just about being the cunts who are there when it happens. This current crop won’t be.