Scottish "Politics"

What u think Cal? Indy ref 2 happening this time? I wonder if this time they are a bit more serious

SNP love actual sexual deviants, unlike Salmons who was nothing of the sort and got stitched up by them.

“Sex-pest National Party” I guess.

Funny how there is more accountability for sexual assault, for a footballer wanting to play for Raith Rovers than there is for a member of government.

The SNP are a disgrace

Sounds like indyref2 is on. Fair play Sturgeon for once.

Nice. Dunno if we will win tho, SNP aren’t as popular as they used to be.

Need to sort it out in the next 2 years.

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Scottish Independence, if Sturgeon/SNP actually won, she/they wouldn’t actually know what to do next. Would be like Brexit the take 2.

Sturgeon’s existence in the public/political eye revolves around fighting for a referendum