Scottish "Politics"


Government of kiddy fiddlers

Why are you calling your government kiddy fiddlers? Lol

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Significant first for the Green Party. Hope they make their presence felt. It’s needed now.

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Because they are?

Was being groomed (lol) for the first minister job before the media caught wind of his antics.

That’s just the stuff they’ve been caught with.

No need for the sassy question mark lol, I was asking you a legit question because it’s not every day someone labels their entire government a bunch of paedophiles.


Haha sorry I was just trying to be witty.

Basically I don’t trust either of these two parties as far as I can throw them.

And I voted for them both in 2016, voted greens in 2014, voted SNP this year.

They are chock full to the brim with morons and people with agendas that aren’t about making Scotland a better place to live.

Sounds like you shouldn’t have bites for them. :grin:

Won’t again tbh.

@Calum @Electrifying this thread is interesting. I didn’t read the whole thing though.

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I don’t really understand politics so ummm… :grin:

Edit its not just the meme it’s an interesting thread haha will read later cheers

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Haha yea it was the thread I was promoting :slight_smile:

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Tbf, according to population, Scotland is over-represented.

I hope the boundary changes do screw the SNP.

They are doing nothing there except getting corrupted and becoming out of touch liberal fat cat cunts.

The solution to this, as with everything, is independence.

And if they don’t have 40 odd easy seats for these lazy cunts then maybe they will get on with that.

The SNP MPs are doing nothing for me, the MSPs, yes.

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