Scottish "Politics"

Those goddamn uppity Scots have started their shite again. Those fuckers need to make their minds up. In or out?

Nicola Sturgeon has been whispering sweet nothings to France and Germany behind England’s back.

Is Scotland about to leave? Is the marriage over? Maybe England will get himself sorted. Who gets the kids (Wales and NI)?

Stay tuned for answers!

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Here we go again! .#StillYes

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I hope she has a retirement plan for when the referendum fails.

Why? They have a large majority now to win it.

Only if they’re allowed to hold it, which they won’t be.

Theresa May will win a lot of votes in England if she tells Sturgeon to get fucked.

What are you basing that on?

The fact Scotland voted to stay in Europe and its getting pulled out against its wishes is a pretty big reason for yes winning. @shamrockgooner

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Another bold prediction you’ll just brush off when proved wrong

Pff would Scotland want another referendum anyway?

Besides them (re)joining Europe would not be as easy as some think. Spain would defiently veto it, probably along with France and a few others, plus it’d take many years to rejoin even if it was made possible.

Personally I hope there’s as big as anti-Tory coalition within the nation more now than ever.

It’s hardly conclusive though is it? 17% less turnout for the eu over the independence vote. A million less votes cast (you can slightly adjust that based on the independence vote being opened to 16 year olds).

Sturgeon is going off half cocked and doesn’t really have a plan. All shes promoting now is more instability.

@Kaner I’m not sure why you give a shit but whatever makes you happy man. :slight_smile:


When May got into power she said there wouldn’t be another referendum in her tenure and rightly so. The referendum was expensive for the British people, not just the Scots and it was conclusive result. It shouldn’t really be something the electerate should be able to vote on anyway. The average electorate isn’t well enough informed to decide what’s best for a county in terms of independence or BREXIT.

It can’t be repeated every couple of years until the SNP get what they want forever. Also bare in mind how long it took Salmond to get the initial referendum.

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Yeah it isn’t set in stone we will win this one at all.

@shamrockgooner there was a poll that 55% of people would vote for independence if the UK decided to go for a hard brexit

It isn’t as ironclad as I’d like but Brexit’s realities are still not being felt because we are still in the EU.

But now, as the Tory government’s plans are being made and businesses prepare, e.g. The Tesco Unilever dispute, and that the true reality of leaving the EU hits will cause a surge in support.

The first rime round, when campaigning started there was only 27% support. They managed to double that.

Also having businesses and the financial sector on the Yes side, and many more Europhilic politicians also will help this time round. At least I hope.

If we fuck it again @Aussiegooner recommend me somewhere nice to settle down down under.

I hope she does try to shut it down. Nothing will do more to increase support for it. :smiley:


There’s nothing to shut down, you had a once in a generation referendum, your population voted to be part of the Union, that’s that. It’s ludicrus to assume a ton of taxpayers money and politicians time will go into another referendum especially when Brexit needs time and energy. And why would a government have a referendum during a time of economic uncertainty?

Look all that’s going to happen is the nationalists will keep voting SNP in the general election, which is Tories wet dream anyway because Englanders don’t want a Labour/SNP coalition so will vote Tory to prevent it. The Tories will have 30years of government before they see a challenge the way it’s heading and it’s in no small part because of the SNP.

If you say so buddy


What a convincing rebuttal, you’ve won me over :laughing:

Seriously though, do the people who want independence think they can just keep having referendums until they get the answer they want? The last one was really recent, you can’t just keep having referendums on an issue like this so frequently. It was only two years ago, surely that democratic decision should be respected?

If the shoe were on the other foot I doubt all the people who support independence would be happy with another referendum trying to reinstate the union.

I dunno, maybe Brexit is a valid enough reason for another vote, maybe my judgment is being clouded by the fact that I really don’t want the Union to end. Maybe because London voted to remain I feel like the Scots should have to live with Brexit like we do :sweat_smile:

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Brexit is nowhere near a valid reason until we know what it actually means which won’t be for at least 2 years and even then, sorting out Scotland will be the least of our worries.

Sturgeon knows there will be no other change in circumstances that will give any grounds whatsoever for another referendum in this generation so this is her only shot to even attempt it.

The best thing the SNP can do is to rule Scotland well. If they can sustain themselves as a one party area for years/decades then as people’s belief in them increases it will mean the appetite for independence will surely increase over time too.

Neither Londoners or Scots should have to live with brexit IMO

While Londoners have no option the Scots can avoid leaving he EU if they vote for independace and good luck to them


Well I don’t think anything I say will change @arsenescoatmaker 's mind, but lets say he/she was open to the idea.

This is what I would say.

My thoughts with the asterisk in between