Scottish Football





@Electrifying, stop being a criminal!


According to the article it was a man from Italy who done it? :thinking:




Maybe the guy mistook the horse, for a Ferrari. :wenger2:


who would wanna hit a horse, what the fuck has the poor things done to that sod. With people like this i would have loved it if the horse got freaked and trampled the fucker or kicked him in his bastard skull…fucking prick.


Sorry mate, the horse was in my face and his other horse mates were talking shite and I had to.


You are a fucking DISGRACE :bellerin: :henry2:


Ok, i give it to you :henry2:. You are a bit italian after all :poldi:


What’s the sentence for punching a horse?


cleaning out their stables with your hands for a year :giroud:



Aberdeen-St Mirren, Hibernian-Hamilton, Livingstone-Dundee and Rangers-St Johnstone today.


Does football even exist in Scotland? :thinking:


Typical cocky Italian :xhaka:


You are still drunk from yesterday.


Celtic v Inter european cup final 1967.



Look at this @Luca_from_Italy our best team beat your best team, cazzo di merda!!!


Scotland can beat Italy when they aren’t paying the refs off before the game