Scottish Football


Yes! He’s the guy I wanted as our next captain @Electrifying

Its Andy Robertson so you don’t have to watch the stupid long video


Only just seen this. Partick Thistle denied a goal at the weekend despite it actually hitting the back of the net :laughing: This tops Lampard’s ghost goal!


mr magoo officiating


I bet the two home fans are livid.



Really sad to see the way he is now.


Celtic just lost to Kilmarnock and have 10 points from 6 games. An absolutely horrible start to the season and are 6 points behind leaders Hearts.

Who knows lads, we might see something interesting happen here this season after all?!

More interesting than your shite league @Luca_from_Italy :arteta: amirite @Calum


Celtic will still walk the league in the end. Mark my words :wink:


Tbh I don’t have any interest at all in the Scottish League haha






:gabriel: :gabriel:

@Electrifying :facepalm: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m not saying fans throwing coins is ok but I definitely don’t give a fuck that Neil Lennon got hit with one.


You know I only just saw the end of that, I knew the whole Neil Lennon bruhaha after this game but didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

Thought the vid was just about the goal and stopped watching when they scored it

Now just watching it, i’m in bits :arteta: The way he’s all happy and celebrating as the footage cuts away.

When it cuts back, he’s decked it!, I lost it there :arteta: :poldi:

You’ll never see these scenes in boring ass Italian football @Luca_from_Italy !!!



Queens Park Rangers eh?


Q.P.R. are so shit they are getting relegated to the SPL? :arteta: