Scottish Football


One of the best threads ever :arteta: :poldi:

Remember, when you think we have banter, it is nothing on this.


That’s great.

Particularly liked:


My personal faves. Some iconic moments:


You guys might enjoy this thread @Calum @Electrifying


Burnley get Aberdeen in that horrible July Europa league qualifier we were trying to avoid. A Burnley fan isn’t happy at his away trip being to ‘only Scotland’ and then an Aberdeen fan (presumably) takes exception to this. :joy:


Ha yeah, there’s been a lot of Burnley v Aberdeen banter today.


I can understand Aberdeenistas pain. They were probably looking forward to a nice trip to Lithuania or Belarus.



Seventh signing of the summer on 21st June?

It’s a Scottish madness :giroud2:


Scotland’s shame strikes again

i dont know what you can expect from Scottish football, when the English 5th tier can outspend the top flight of Scotland.

Pretty shitty from Salford to besplashing the cash in a semi prop level, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs can fuck off.

Same day Neville talking about grassroots etc. All the while ‘Man City’-ing the lower leagues.


ahahahahahahahahahaha scenes!






The wacky Accies


Rangers fans stabbed 2 Croatians as chaos erupted around Ibrox during their Europa League qualifier.

Scotland’s shame at it again.



Celtic should be ahead but they badly need a striker to finish these chances.


Yeah I’m amazed they haven’t scored yet, they have created some really good chances. I don’t watch them much but on the first half it’s clear that Dembele may be irreplaceable for them this season


Finally N’tcham.

Nice counter-attack