Scottish "Football"

I feel him getting the temp job in February 2019 when Rodgers left unexpectedly was fair enough as they needed someone asap who knew the club to get them over the line but he should have never gotten it on a perm basis.

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Yeah seems like more a stop gap signing than someone they should’ve considered long term. That being said Rodgers didn’t do too well in Europe either, right?

The last good Celtic performance I can remember was when they beat Barcelona in 2012 or 2013

Lazio away last year I’d say mate that was a superb win for a scottish team


Ah yeah I forgot about that!

Made all the better for successfully winding up Mussolini’s granddaughter :grin:


Good day today @Calum with the bhoys getting the final as well.:four_leaf_clover:

Seen that today.

My brother will be happy :+1: on course for a quadruple treble :joy:

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Hearts documentary 2nd episode good again @Calum.
Manager a dead ringer for James Blunt though.

Not seen it yet. Will catch up at one point. Can see what you mean by the manager :joy:

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Celtic 2 down at Hibs. Could be the final nail for Lennon today.

Has to be. League is gone if he stays.

No idea who will replace him tho.

Eddie Howe is the favourite

Lennon never should have been given the job back full time. They need to think short term, get the ten over the line (maybe bring back O’Neill?) and look who they want to bring in next summer.

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He wouldn’t survive Glasgow lol. Doesn’t seem to have the mentality. Looks a soft touch manager

Got it back to 2 2 but probably not enough. 8 points behind game in hand.