Scottish "Football"

We should get Gerrard in to replace fraudteta

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One of the best football songs ever. Can’t beat a full Easter Road singing it!


Its a lovely song but this is just one of them rare amazing moments thats unique to everyone there.

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Premier League being PPV cunts but I can still have football on low in the background while reading the Wenger book. Arbroath vs Hearts live on BBC Scotland :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve opted to watch actual football instead… :wink: Forest v Derby.


I need to do more stuff to get sky sports on haha.

Putting BBC Scotland on for background football is much easier :joy::joy:

Do you mean you have to press the cast button?

Turn my PlayStation on. Go to the TV bit. Press sky app. Let it start up. Go to live TV press sky sports channel of your choice :joy:

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How did Shane Duffy play in the PL with Brighton for so long?

He’s been fucking horrific for Celtic. He makes so many mistakes and just cost them another goal today.

Dunno what’s going on with him at Celtic but he’s absolute quality any time he pulls on an Ireland shirt.

yeah I thought he’d be solid up here but he’s been Mustafi levels of shit lol

2-3 up at aberdeen @stroller celtic have come back from 1-0 and 2-1 down. great game to watch!

He seemed pretty solid at Brighton, but maybe some of that was due to Dunk holding his hand.

yeah didn’t Potter drop him last season as I don’t think he played as much under him ?

Im out now. Sportscene highlights for me. Hold on here and could be a big result going forward.

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could be a game changer if they hold on mate. Massive morale booster after the week they’ve had

3-3 FT @Stroller 3 penalties lol. 2 for Aberdeen 1 for Celtic. more dropped points :grimacing:

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Ffs its a game changer the other way now. Long way too go but the signs are ominous.

Rangers will probably still choke, but really not sure why Celtic went back in for Neil Lennon. His record in Europe should’ve have prevented him from getting the job again.

Can’t blame the manager for a player sticking his leg out in the 90th minute but he looks done here. Need the new manager bounce now

I don’t think either club will do ‘la decima’ in our lifetime