You say this as if the language you speak isn’t English :joy:

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It’s been called Libations for ages now. Have y’all pissheads run out of alternates?

P.S. Libations is the best one so far, tbf.

I meant as in the country haha. Every country has different words and phrases.

Never heard it used here

I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say it aloud either, it’s not a commonly used word. I’m sure it’s something I’ve just picked up from reading books.

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I haven’t bought a PerfectDraft keg in ages so went online to get some and they finally have a Brewdog Punk IPA keg!! Happy days!!!

Also there’s a few others added to the selection now which we’ve been crying for!

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Still not over this shite name


I genuinely for 10 seconds was thinking you were on about my username :joy: :joy:


:rofl: nope your fine cliff

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The torps are the same they keep adding all these really expensive IPA’s, it’s great but I wouldn’t mind then upgrading with a couple of macro beers like Stella or Peroni

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I thought it was about bloody ice cream for a minute


Youse have weird names for alcohol lol

I’ve been in a WhatsApp group called scoops pretty much since the very first time I installed it :grin:


Yeah think it’s more of an Irish thing. I don’t recall hearing it over here.

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New place opened up in the town centre a couple of months ago and I finally went at the weekend. Had a scoop of berry blast and of toffee fudge, both excellent.


I got this one directly from my Scottish mate Murray, so I thought it’d be more familiar territory for you.

Never heard of it. Your mate Murray is a fraud