Santi Cazorla


Would love an Europa League final against Villarreal :). It would the perfect end of the circle for Santi.


Santi is losing the final tho :wink:



Love. Him.


That’s great. :flushed::flushed:


@Luca_from_Italy I want the Santi’s goal video

I can look it up but I missed you.


La Liga thread.


A lovely guy and a cunt. That’s it.


Still annoys me that he left


It really pleases me to see Santi reviving his career at Villareal, one of our best and most popular players of recent years


Santi was just amazing, made Fernandinho look like a joke here. I’d give my left nut right now for a midfielder that could do this.


His dance for Giroud’s second goal :giroud3:


Last time anyone ran the show for us.


What a majestic fucking player. Up there with the very best midfielders we ever had in the a Wenger era.

Also, that pass by Rosicky at 1.40…:giroud2:


Santi is a beautiful beast of a player.

He’s got that “likeable” quality about him, too. Can’t think of a single player like that in our current squad due to their collective incompetence


My mind took the challenge, and I find you’re more or less right. It is hard to find in our squad. The best thing that came to mind was surprisingly, Rob Holding, mainly after this game

Also I do really like Kos for his (perceived) personality. When he cried in the lineup with the NT after the terror attacks etc. He is really likeable. But I agree as soon as you take competence into account it becomes hard mode lol


@oompa it’s like you’re reading my mind with Kos! I thought the same, then his horror shows, that league cup final against Birmingham, and I thought, naaaah

Holding is a good shout. Monreal is close.

It’s a shame, because you can be incompetent and likeable (eboue). None of our players emanate that feeling


Wenger did with lots but not all of us.:grinning:


Torreira is pretty likeable and competent tbh.