Santi Cazorla


Damn shame he isn’t here doing it for us, no doubt without the injury he’d still be here with those magical feet tearing it up.

I’m still of the opinion that Ozil has missed Santi massively.


WBA away


Is that the one where the nob missed a pen in the last minute to equalise?


I think we lost that one 3-1 on the day. I could be wrong.
What I remember is that that was the match where our stupid decision to not get midfield squad players come to bite us and we lost two midfielders to injury


Ooooh I think I went to that one. The wenger out, wenger in planes? The 2 WBA goals from corners that we didn’t even try to defend?

I can remember there were actual fights in the away stand that day


My bad, it was indeed the draw against Norwich where we lost Cazorla


Not sure a meltdown like we had after matchday 20 is attributable losing to one player. Arsenal just collapsed under the pressure. I remember how people were remotely positive about our chances after they beat Leicester at Ashburton Grove, and the gap was closed too two points, only to lose against Manchester United and Swansea City directly after that lol.


Nah wasn’t Norwich. Checked already he played the whole 90 in that game.

This was the WBA game where he missed a penalty but didn’t get injured

@DavidHillier the WBA game with the planes was March 2017 months after he was injured in 2016


On one hand, I agree with you, but on the other hand, Wenger’s free approach to tactics required some quality to be present in transition.

Especially somebody that could think for themselves and who was so good at starting attacks from deep like Santi was.

We never replaced that and it showed, in how quickly it all went to pot without him.

In all likelihood you’re right, but I have this feeling that if he was there we wouldn’t have had that horrible February/March. At least we would definitely have had more than 71 points.



I’ll fucking give you this, I remember you warning of something like that happening if we played too strong a team in that match




Huge amounts of respect for this man as a player and a professional but that doesn’t even compare to the amount of respect I have for him as a human being.

We will indeed be blessed to have such a player and person represent us again.


So happy for Santi. If there is a player who deserves a goal it’s him.


How awful is Arsenal medical staff that Cazorla can play very regurlarly for Villareal. Tonight 90 minutes against Atletico.


Maybe he just recovered.


So pleased to read this!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah one of my all time faves for Arsenal… such a great character and one of the best smiles in football.


So nice to see him playing at such a high level.

Miss his craftiness and two footed brilliance at the heart of our midfield, we haven’t replaced him and won’t for some time at this rate.




He’s a one of a kind player. Quite miffed that he didn’t garner more attention in his earlier years, would have been perfect at Barca in their reign.