Santi Cazorla


Santi is finished sadly.


Can we clone him?


A large part of pain endured as an Arsenal fan is watching quality players like Santi, Rosicky, Diaby, Wilshere being robbed of their prime years.


He just has to retire now. Walking again is the most important thing.


Yeah it fucking sucks. And Ramsey who took like 18 months to become just a decent player again after his injury. And add Eduardo.


As much as i dislike the fucker, Robin Van Persie is also one with years lost.


I suffered an Achilles injury last year. I was thinking of posting a post-op picture on here but I thought I’d spare you the disgust.

Long story short, I only had surgery once but had the injury twice in the space of several months. Because of that, recovery took almost an year, and by recovery I mean being able to walk normally and run lightly. I still haven’t played football even though it’s been 1.5 years since then. I don’t even know if I could kick a ball with my left (I used to be two-footed).

I am sure Cazorla received zelion light years better medical help and went through much strenuous and dedicated recovery program and I think his injury is different than mine, but even then he won’t return to top level football. Achilles injuries take out power and pace out of you. Even if he fully recovers to be able to participate in competitive professional sport, which at this point looks highly unlikely, he won’t be the same player because of physical impairment.


It’s weird how Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta couldn’t close out their careers like most players can do at least a bit healthy. Just bad luck…?


Or rather there’s something in the water over here.


I retired from football a couple years back just cause of kids and work and not very much time. I’m always thinking about starting to play again, but then sometimes while exercising I actually feel strain in my achilles, so I’m concerned if I get back into full on football I’m gonna do mine. Did you feel it ahead of time like that or did it just come out of nowhere?


Rosicky had a rare thigh tendon issue. So rare that it took a year & multiple specialist to detect the anamoly.
Cazorla is clearly a case of injury not treated by surgeons properly. I doubt surgery is conducted by club doctors.

So yeah bad luck.


You haven’t explained Arteta and the others you mentioned (Diaby, Wilshere and RvP).


Yes, if you feel pain/discomfort in your Achilles that might be a sign of inflamation or minor injury that can lead to a tear. You are the prime target for an injury - dads who go for a kick on a Sunday. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it though, just take precautions. You can do physiotherapy and exercises - stretching is key for the achilles. If you keep it in shape, it will be fine. Once it breaks, you are fucked.


Wilshere had a hole in his foot which was there before he debut for us.
Theo had hereditary shoulder issue which made it pop out. Had corrective surgery on both shoulders.
Vermaelen had hereditary overlapping achilles tendons which lead to irritation.
Diaby injuries are escalation of a horrendous tackle. His body never adapted well thereafter.
Robin Van Persie’s injuries were mostly contact injuries. Most notable was getting injured in an international match against one of Liverpool’s defender, think it was Skrtel. Correction - against Italy, defender Chiellini.
He also got injured in Carling cup final after scoring a goal. contact injury.

I don’t know about Arteta.

Who else?


Fabregas last three seasons.


Isn’t it sad getting old? I used to kick the ball around as a warm up and then go full sprinting never got injured, but now before I do anything I habe to stretch like a mad man in fear of pulling a muscle lmao, oh well.




A couple of years of that was not playing enough for Barcelona more than anything.


Yep he means 2019. He’s played his last game for us then as we really shouldn’t renew his contract


as much as I like Santi, you’re right he has definitely played his last match for us