Santi Cazorla


West Ham probably.

If we bought a player like that then we would really know the true ambition of the club.


Fellaini and Carroll in the same team. I’d love to see that to be honest. Hoof Ball FC.


With Moyes as the West Ham manager, it is a distinct possibility.
Fellini played some of his best football when Moyes was at Everton, and was his only big signing when he was at Man U, so I could see this happening.


Don’t think he is worse than Coquelin lol!


He is though, he’s not a DM, doesn’t win the ball much, is poor in possession and used as a target like Giroud. United fans constantly complain about him.




Fucking hell


Just amputate his leg :neutral_face:


lets be real here he isnt / shouldnt be coming back its no good now for him. If an injury is this serious and he needs surgery after surgery no way shold he ut his leg in jeopardy by playing one bad tackle he may never be able to walk properly again. Stop being a fucking stingy miser Wenger and get a decent CAM and leave Cazorla to his recovery and stop trying to rely on him.


I would imagine his desire to once again play football is a considerable factor helping his recovery.

He isn’t named in the squad anyway is he? so who cares if he don’t get rid of him.


Such a shame but I’d be suprised if I ever saw him play in an Arsenal shirt again. Think he will probably be forced into retirment sooner or later :worried:


I just feel sorry for him. He always had a smile on his face. Football was his life. And he clearly isn’t done with it yet. He needs that closure, so would be nice if the club gave him some sort of role. We shouldn’t give him a new contract as such, but just leave the door open kind of thing, let him continue to train with us next season (if he can) etc.


Fellaini, Carroll, and Giroud…

Bang the defenders on every attack…


9 surgeries in a year is just way too many and at some point, you have to wonder if it is all even worth it because there is only so much of cutting and sewing up any part of the body can take, especially soft tissue. I don’t know the reasons for all 9 surgeries but that is a big number and whatever the reason, I would imagine it would take a miracle for him to come back and play top level competitive football. I wish him the best and I hope whatever he decides to do, it’s for the best and doesn’t affect his quality of life after football.

As for the club, we have to move on. We cannot rely on Santi coming back.


Just want him for one last cameo in the Europa League final :santi2:




Luck of the Arsenal.


99% sure he won’t be playing football ever again let alone for us.


Image him of Xhaka in dangerous positions. He would never lose the ball.