Santi Cazorla


Agreed, Wenger isn’t an idiot and he will start Santi if he is fit and 100%. Just fear that won’t be often enough/ sure that Wenger will see Ramsey as the first option to replace Cazorla, when for all El Nene’s mediocrity and Coq’s perhaps redundancy in a midfield with Xhaka, those two are still better options than Ramsey in midfield.

Ah, how I long for the days of Diaby.


Great news. So we have to use our most important midfielder carefully. But even if he is half-fit he adds so much to us.


Sorry but why this Amden is a bible for Arsenal fans? He tweeted a bunch of shit rumors during this transfer window.


He’s a complete and utter cunt bag when it comes to transfers but he does seem to have an in when it comes to injuries and lineups.


He is one of our most important players, we missed him massively last season. This is just shit news.

With Wilshere out for the season, Cazorla with a potential problem (even worse at his age), we could be very light in the middle once again.

Xhaka, Coq, Elneny, Ramsey, Ozil - to cover all competitions is a big ask. Maybe Iwobi will play in Ozil’s place now and again but still that leave the left side with minimal options.


I don’t get it, he looked very sharp against Chivas? I’m gonna believe the manager.


we need this man fit


Saw some Twitter stuff about him being made captain this season.

And is he injured/unfit for tomorrow?


Think he will make it for sunday . Think he is the right choice for captain right now


He’s fit.


He is what makes us tick without him we lack threat .


Besides, he is the only one to have the balls to shoot from distance.


Elneny just dropped dead somewhere.


If he was fully fit y o y diddnt he start yesterday ?


Fun video with Santi, answering questions about his team mates :santi2:


Lovely guy.


Nacho listening to classic music!? :bellerin::coq: Great interview by Santi though. Such a lovely guy :slight_smile:


Santi Cazorla was left devastated after being left out of Arsenal ’s starting XI for their Premier League opener.

Midfielder Cazorla was deeply disappointed at only being a substitute after believing he’d had a good pre-season and was one of the most senior players in their squad.

It was the most upset that some people at Arsenal had ever seen the 31-year-old, who has a reputation as being a humble club-first man despite being a top class Spain international.

Boss Arsene Wenger picked Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny and Alex Iwobi ahead of Cazorla, who eventually came on as a 61st minute substitute in the goal-packed defeat .


I hope that’s not true.

If Santi is sad then I am sad.


Yikes…dissension in the ranks and Santi has to feel like his last chances at glory are slipping away under Wenger.