Saka or Sancho who you got?

First post I’ve seen in this thread. Made me chuckle, lol. :clap::joy:

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Absolutely fantastic mate, polls are always better when made public.

@shamrockgooner will have to do it as I don’t know how lol


New Poll. I do know how to do it but I can’t just wipe out 32 votes like that. :slight_smile:

  • Saka
  • Sancho

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I just wanted to vote for Sancho with chest


Changing my name to this if I’m right in 2-3 years time


Fingers crossed you aren’t right on this one.

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Again??? Now you’re reaching BigWeng’s stubborn levels :sweat_smile:

Yes but he’ll never match him for dirt pounding

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Whoever voted for Sancho needs to be detained. That cameo again was scandalous.

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Shots fired @SCRJJ




Wtf? Votes aren’t visible to me(I probably didn’t vote?). :rofl:
Is it true @SRCJJ, did you vote for Sancho? :sweat_smile:

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You knew who the culprit was, don’t act coy haha


I thought @SRCJJ could be one but I remember a post of his finally criticising Sancho so I thought he finally changed stance.

Why is it 6% on my end? :rofl:

Two polls.

SJJRC is built different.

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Which makes it especially odd that I feel like this is what you’ve been doing for like a year now :grin:

In fairness to him I feel like he’s way more on point with his Saka is fraud agenda than he is with his Sancho is a god agenda.

Saka been legit dog shit since that City goal.