Ryan Fraser

Thing is, though DB, playing football is unlike a lot of jobs. It’s got a short (unintended pun with Fraser :)) shelf life. Gotta maximise it.

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Because no-one could live on £10,000 a week for 12 years (£6,240,000) without any sign on fees…

That’s not a move that Bournemouth can afford to make.
If his contract is up at the end of the season then they will lose him for nothing.
I would imagine their board won’t allow that to happen.

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Depends on the fee. They’re small but I don’t think they’re poor.

Any money they get they’d likely send on someone shit anyway :poldi:

Tbf, he is Bournemouth’s best player. No club will pay upwards 30m for him with a year left on his contract. Bournemouth would have to spend 20-25m on a replacement that might not be as good.
With steep competition in the PL I reckon it’s wise to make sure that they stay up another season.

By the same token I don’t think a club like Bournemouth can afford to lose £25m


Their financial track record disputes this perhaps. They have been 8th highest netspend in recent years. I am not saying they won’t cave in the end, but they are a reasonably aggressive spender surprisingly.

Well, they can if it keeps them in the PL.

Would be great if they couldn’t.

But for the moment they’re doing their best Billy Big Balls impression lol

If they’re going to play it like that then we can get him to sign da ting in Jan.


I don’t think Ryan Fraser is the difference between promotion or relegation to be honest with you.

Agree to disagree. I personally expect the competition next year to be tense, losing your best player could be detrimental.

Perhaps we could tempt Bournemouth by swapping a player as well.
I wonder if they need a German CB or perhaps a Swiss midfielder?


Or a Nigerian blind alley merchant.


I think Bournemouth would jump at the chance to have a go on guys like Xhaka, Mustafi and Iwobi.

I think they’re relatively big spenders for their size and appear to have no real transfer policy.

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If you sign Jordon Ibe for £15mil you’re clearly not the best judge of talent but taking our misfits would be next level.

One can dream


Presented without comment…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Good. Fraser over him any day of the week


Fraser can fuck right off. Short Scottish wannabe!

If he was less than £10m, I might, just might, consider him.


i’d rather have carrasco and Alexis Claude-Maurice

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