Ryan Bertrand

Edu and Arteta need sacking if they give this cunt a big contract.

What’s reasonable for a back up LB for Arsenal? £50-£60k pw?

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50 tops, can’t see him taking a pay cut

I wish I got this

wish I could even understand what he said

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Let’s be honest here. There’s no reason for us to get a left back.
Saka and Maitland-Niled have performed fairly well there when needed. Tierney is on mad form at the moment so naturally anyone who filled in recently there looked bad.
I doubt there are many players out there who wouldn’t.

A 31-year old career-long Premier League player is expensive in wages. Even the guys of his level. This move make no sense in that sense after cleaning the squad up and still having a Willian on the books. Go after the cheap foreigner…

Can we just please go one fucking window without signing some ex Chelsea washed up cunt


I do not want to see Saka used as a left back at all again, he is making great strides further forward on the pitch and I want to keep it that way…

AMN though that’s a fair enough option.


Bollocks, how could we have scouted anyone? We sacked all our scouts :joy:


We’re like Russia’s army under Stalin in 1940.

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We better not sign him, 31 years old and a long contract ffs please no.

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I reckon 3 years on 150,000 a week is about right based on our previous dealings


2 year deal on 90k max would be fine

2 year deal on 40/50k a week. Offer him a take it or leave it :grin:

I was thinking he must have fallen out of favour but looking at his stats he’s featured in the majority of their league games this season. I’m all for this if we can get him cheap and also shifting kolasinac this summer.


If we’re in the market for available LBs, wouldn’t van Aanholt be a better option?

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I don’t see the desperate need for a LB right now. We have a great one who doesn’t need competition and we have a few players who could conceivably play there in a crisis who don’t appear to be getting sold right now.

If we’re after someone like Bertrand it would make more sense for 2 years and for free rather than for 2.5 years and negotiating with Southampton. If we want him I imagine we’ll be the best offer he has in the summer anyway so I doubt it’s now or never.


This mf gonna help knock us out the cup, take three points off us, and then sign for us in the same week. Most Arsenal thing ever :grin:

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a Gibbs return from WBA would be a way better option as back up left back, should enquire