Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson (13)

Edu’s the one who’s supposed to take care of these.

Arteta’s the manager and has the main role according to the athletic.

Arteta’s GK coach buddy gave him the suggestion.

But I forgot… Everything bad - edu or players. Everything good = Arteta. :xhaka:


I remember the stories about Raya, I’m not senile. But we didn’t sign him and we did sign Runar so I’m not buying that he was viewed as third choice because we didn’t sign anyone else. They clearly thought he would do.

@Calum is free to think differently and I shall be offering no apology.

Thank you and good day.

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You say this as if anyone here acts like he is?! :grin:

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Edu should handle most of it though, especially how much we pay for him.

I always thought you would be to stubborn to offer an apology. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be the bigger man and offer me a sincere apology like Mr J. Boy did

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This. Add to the fact that signing Runarsson took up a non-HG slot. At least Arsenal are coming to their senses somewhat.

Ah Gazidis =Wenger arguments that others use.

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I don’t know who’s decision it was to buy Runarsson but what did they see in a GK that was third choice for Iceland and who’s stats for Dijon were poor?
It’s not as if he is a young GK who has loads of potential, he’s nearly twenty six and looks like a novice.

As @AM_Exile said, we could have got Butland, who is experienced in the PL, for similar money.
But he went to Crystal Palace instead, who already have Guaita, Hennessy and Henderson, which shows you their level of our ambition compared to ours.

It’s avoidable bad decisions like these that are ruining the club.

Stockpiling keepers is now a sign of ambition?!


I completely forgot about that. Just looked it up and they only paid £1m for him. Hasn’t played a single minute for them, mind.

Says a lot about Butlands own ambitions too :man_facepalming:t3: There are plenty of good backup keepers out there, that would do a good job when called upon. Imo a good keeper is (firstly) good at keeping the ball out of the net. If hes also good with his feet and has a commanding presence? Well that’s great! But never start searching for a keeper that isn’t good at shot stopping. That’s THE ONE THING, the absolute bare minimum, of his requirements that can’t be tinkered upon.


Maybe not but only having one decent GK is certainly an indication of a club with little ambition, especially considering our injury record.

Saying that, we do stockpile CB’s, it’s just a shame only one of them is any good.

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This guy is fucking shit

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Let’s get him out :grin:


After that Man City game it was clear as day that this bloke couldn’t play for us again this season at the very least.

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Runar Ruinedsson


Bizarre that we signed this guy when we had Matt Macey who would not be much worse

Get rid of this guy. Don’t even want him as 3rd choice. Give it to a 17 year old academy lad.


Still can’t believe we paid 2m for him. :rofl: