Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also known as Dark Forces The Movie


Ahhh fuck that sucks. Pretty sure my first boner was because of her and that metal bikini in return of the jedi. RIP. Just realized that I’m getting old when my idols are starting to die.


Heartfelt tribute that, a4tt. :joy:




Argh, RIP.


God damn it.



On a selfish note that really throws a wrench in the plans for episode 8 and 9, although maybe not considering what they can do with CGI nowadays.


Was she going to be a big part of episode 8 and 9?


Well she was leading the rebellion as the top general.


Episode 8 finished filming months ago so it would only affect epi9 and if leia still around then think they will do the whole cgi think as they in rogue one


You realise you’re getting old when the boners are starting to die.

Fight the good fight brother.


Yup I just found this out today so I guess episode 9 will be the only issue.


Finally got around to watching Rogue One, and I loved it. Thought it was the most alive and vibrant star wars story since Jedi, which Rogue One is possibly better than. Loved how it felt totally embedded into the star wars universe, whilst being totally its own movie, not relying on cheap plagiarism like Force Awakens. Agree with Gunner, the only bit that wasn’t particularly convincing was the rebel council, but otherwise it was brilliant.