Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also known as Dark Forces The Movie


Hopefully they don’t make a Boba fett movie. I’m not excited about the Han Solo movie either. I would rather they exployed new stuff. If they want to make a movie about people we know from the films they should be getting Ewan McGregor back as Obi


I get Han Solo but a origin movie for Boba Fett seems a bit much.


I’d actually prefer a Boba Fett movie, but only in the hands of someone talented, willing to do something a bit different with it all. Han Solo just feels pointless. Really, what more is there to know about him?


Don’t you mean…


A Boba Fett film would suck its one off them films that wont live up to fans expectations and what ever Disney released in a fett solo film just wouldn’t be good enough.Plus I think it would have to be a 15 rated film and I carnt see Disney going for that.


Supposedly what you are describing is what Rogue One is. Vader is supposedly brutal in this movie. It’s not your run of the mill star wars flick from what I’ve heard.


Much rather see a Kenobi stand alone or trilogy rather than a Boba Fett film.

I think Boba Fett could work well in something like a Netflix series focusing on the seedy underworld of Star Wars with gangsters etc.

On the whole though I’d much prefer if they explored new characters in their anthology films there’s so much more to Star Wars than the obvious.



That shot of Vader is beautifully


Can’t wait to see Vader fuck some shit up and really cut loose in this.


The very end gave me goose bumps hearing vader like that. Hops this movie is good, they went back and reshot a bunch of scenes. That’s never a good thing…


It’s a fan made trailer.

Gotta say, they totally got me.


Here’s the real final trailer, looks better tbf.


So many trailers, feels like I’ve seen the film already :smiley:


Looks so goddamn good.


The director of the movie is a hardcore fanboy of the series. He visited the Lars Homestead in the Tunisia desert and took milk with blue dye to drink there :joy: So that might mean he will make an amazing movie or it could mean he might try to hard and fuck it all up.

As a fan boy I’m stoked that Disney is releasing a movie every year. I read a good point either here or an article somewhere, that said Lucas had the right idea. Making the movies scarce made sure to have the fans in a frenzy. Now it’s kind of overkill and people will probably get bored with the movies. For me though I’d rather have a good movie every year than wait 16 years for a huge pile of poo.


It looks awesome, will be there opening day.

So much to look forward to but psyched for Donnie and Vader in particular.


Movie is out this friday!! So the early reaction is out and the critics are saying it’s the best Star Wars since Empire. The movie is apparently very dark, and Vader is insane. That’s as much as I’ve been willing to read about it, getting excited for this :giroud2:


Already got tickets for this Wednesday at midnight, very excited!!

Too bad @g4e is not around anymore, his hate for TWA was very strong, would love to know what he thinks about this new one.


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Too bad @g4e is not around anymore,
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