Roberto Mancini to replace Wenger





Do not want.


We could have almost any manager we want, so why would we choose him?
I didn’t notice, Man U, spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, etc, clamouring for his signature when they were looking for a new manager, so why would we be interested?


Just Arsenal is an awful source.


No no


It isnt happening,Arsene and Gazidis are going though their usual dance which will end in a 2 year extention .
Wenger wants to leave it until end of season but Gazidis wants an answer by Christmas at the latest hence the public statements and the posturing on both sides !
Gazidis doesnt want Wenger involved in his succsessor either so he is keeping tabs on potential candidates.
Gazidis will also attempt to block any attempt to put wenger on the board when he does leave !
Kroenke likes the friction keeps everyone on their toes !


Of all the names to make up Mancini makes the least sense.* He would have to rebuild the team to suit the way he wants to play. His City teams (even though he did win the one title) were pretty functional and I seem to recall some grumbling that he wasn’t playing nice football by the time things fell apart.

*I suppose backing a zombie Bela Guttmann to take over for Arsene makes even less sense than Mancini.


Absolutely not. I’d rather keep Wenger at this point.


It might be Gazidis putting it our there just to put some pressurre on Wenger but its more likely paper bullshit !




In other news, Jose Mourinho wins a noble prize for bringing peace on earth.


You know Mancini only wins if he splashes the cash, don’t you? That’s impossible at Arsenal :wilshere: