Robert Lewandowski


Because why the fuck not :slight_smile:

but The Sun believe Arsene Wenger’s ambitions of signing a new striker are even loftier with Antoine Griezmann and Robert Lewandowski top of his wishlist – and Alexandre Lacazette as a third option.


Needed a good laugh today. Cheers Sham.




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Just Mahrez, Mustafi and Lewandowski all on the table this morning for us, typical day in the life of an Arsenal fan…wait what.


Pfft Wenger has low standards.
I personally would expect no less than a Messi or a Neymar or a Suarez.



We aint that ambitious to be going for him


People may mock me, but I have been saying this for weeks when everyone has been upset by our lack of movement. I said all along I have a gut feeling we are not going after ‘average’ players and that Wenger is possibly going after a big target that he feels he can get. He has been cryptic but the signs are there (Gazidis saying stuff like ‘all will be fine’ ‘the fans will be happy’ and Wenger saying stuff like ‘the money is not the problem the player has to improve the team’ etc) am I saying they will GET the player, nope but because us fans are used to the transfer period flops that’s what we generally think is going to happen. I genuinely think though this time they are genuinely going for someone big as even Wenger and Gazidis say ‘the money is there’ that is not the issue…we want top tier players now and it’s only top tier players that are likely to keep the likes of Ozil and Sanchez happy. We go and get Lacazette he may be good but for the likes of Ozil and Sanchez that’s meh…players like this are used to playing with the likes of Messi, Ronaldo not ‘okay’ talents.

Wenger has openly admitted recently also that the owners and Gazidis are eager to spend and he is reigning them back in so I reckon there is more going on behind the scenes than we know. It does not compute to me that the likes of Lacazette is there and we need a striker but we have not bought…to me Lacazette ain’t worth the money and is not much of an upgrade but an underwhelming signing. Lewandowski WILL NOT sign a new contract that has been said time and time again he is refusing to sign (don’t know why) and I reckon he will go for a LOT of money maybe £75m…but also something else cryptic was said recently I cant remember where I heard it, but something to the effect of there is a player that has done it all but wants a new challenge and that things are being discussed’


Bayern have no other striker.
They won’t let him go.


I wish I could believe you, I really do but if a talent like Lewandowksi was even remotely for sale why wouldn’t Bayern say so and cause an auction for one of the best strikers in Europe? Surely Madrid, Chelsea, United, PSG would absolutely be interested in signing a player like this!


That doesn’t matter, even without a striker, they will trounce everyone they frontline is deadly. Also with the pull of Bayern and something like £75m at their disposal without touching their cash reserves they can easily pull a top striker you might find if they sell they are already in talks with another club for their talent. I think Bayern will walk the league (and they know it) even without Lewandowski. Their closest competition is Dortmund or maybe Schalke…without Lewandowski, they will still rip them up. Also knowing he just doesn’t seem to want to sign a new deal might as well move on. If not him, Griezmann has a release clause its fucking expensive but as said it’s not about the money…maybe with him it would be ‘selling him’ on moving from where he loves and also he is adored at AM.

If wenger actually does get one of these guys (especially Lewandowski) i think people should lay off him at least for this season. If this happens we are in with a good shot for winning the league…imagine lining up with someone like Griezmann or Lewandowski with Ozil behind and Sanchez on the wing…if we get Mahrez or Draxler even better…that would be beyond deadly. I think if this happens Ozil will shatter the assist record!


What a shit rumor… :xhaka:


Bayern would be stupid to sell him, even more so with no one to replace him.


Don’t fucking kidding me…
We are not willing to pay Napoli for Higuain, and will we pay more (lot more) to get Lewy??? 300k per week?

Next rumor, Messi and Ronaldo


Lewandowski would probably cost lest than Higuain and is younger and better.


cost less than Higuain???


Yeh probably. Juve paid a huge premium on Higgy because he moved inside their league, I’ve also never seen a selling club benefit so much from a release clause.

I’m not saying Lew will be cheap but he won’t be around the 80 mil mark I wouldn’t think.


was also stated in that interview (can’t find the fucking thing) with direct quotes the players in question (no names mentioned) have achieved a lot pretty much done it all want a new challenge money is not the problem wages is not their concern its the challenge and regular play and being happy in the new team, they want to be the main player too. I really need to find the interview so I can post it, but I know everyone scoffs at it but I think something is going on, but the player involved whoever it is, is going to be hard to move mainly for reassurances but also the selling club not wanting to really let go. This makes me think it may be Lewandowski more than Griezmann because Griezmann has not done it all…but also is quite happy where he is and might not want to leave AM, but Lewy has made it known by stalling on his contract he doesn’t really desperately want to stay with Bayern and Lewy has done it all…won the CL, Won’t the Title etc and seemingly wants a new challenge and would be the main man here as striker. At Bayern, he may be the main STRIKER but because they have so many big names he isn’t really the big fish he is just a good striker for them…for us he will be a MASSIVE coup!


Lewandowski never won the Champions League