Rob Holding (16)

The world is upside down when we can say and mean this as Arsenal fans :grin:

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Really solid today. He’s done a great job not letting Zaha turn, won a handful of balls in the air.


It’s a shame he has the odd shocker, he does actually play alright like today most of the time but the blunders stand out.

Just don’t want to see him against Haaland again.

Had a decent game but he relies so much borderline fouls to get himself out of trouble.
Bet he thinks he is being clever about it but some other ref will not tolerate it.

Of course. But he’s fine against a lower table team at home.

Tbf, aside one wrestling contest in that first half in the FA Cup, he did actually fair well against him.

There were a couple of times Haaland slipped through I felt, I agree he wasn’t actually that bad but he made me very nervous :joy:

Rarely looked flustered. Showed off his passing range a couple of times too. 7/10


You aren’t gonna get a better 4th choice CB, I’m just gonna say it


He is shite, but more than enough to compete against fodder.

Cant believe people where shitting the bed before the game. He is a professional footballer who can kick a ball and jump for a header, not some homeless bum on the street forced to play premier league football


Impressive head of hair

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Well played Holding. I’d still want to see him gone in the summer but he’s earning his title winning medal game by game.


big up our 87th choice Centre back, well done Holding

Massive performance from him today. Absolutely brilliant!


Credit where it’s due. He got beat a few times but didn’t disrupt our style the way I worried he would.


Well done on a safe hands performance.

Did great, hope we don’t see him again starting a league match, but kind of afraid that we will.

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Did well but often does against lower teams. He puts in a couple of decent performances followed by a nightmare showing vs a stronger team, often away from home.


That’s the worry if we have him starting at anfield or the Etihad. Gotta hope Saliba isn’t out too long.

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