Rob Holding (16)


I am worried about the hinderance to his progress.
At the moment his competition was less and he was taking full advantage to grow & nail the position.
Now in Jan if we purchase a defender, he would slot in Rob’s place instead of Mustafi’s.


Well if it is a replacement thats obvious but im not so worried about Holding he’ll come good again, the issue I have is Mustafi was never good enough to partner him. We do need a class CB and Mustafi needs to be moved on too error prone. Btw whats happened to big Mav ?


With Kos looking like he can’t be relied on because of his fitness and age, as well as Mustafi looking inadequate, Holding will certainly get plenty of opportunities in the first team even if he is more of a squad player than a first team starter.

I would imagine that a top quality CB would be at the top of Emery’s transfer list but whether that player will have Kos, Mustafi, Holding or Sokratis as there CB partner, who knows.

I think Kos is too unreliable and unless Mustafi starts to turn round his poor form, he might be moved on, which leaves Sokratis and Holding, and because he is still very young for a CB and has the potential to get better, he might be the long term option in that position.

But whatever happens, getting a top quality CB is the main priority in the next transfer window.


Is it too strong an assertion to say that Holding’s injury could prove the difference between 4th and 5th this season?

Holding and Sokratis have been bright(er) sparks in a really quite bad defensive unit, I can’t see how we get away with Emery’s formation choice now unless a replacement comes in


Nah we were still leaking goals in abundance with Holding in the side, irrespective of his injury our defence was costing us top 4 in this league.


Since the injury we have gotten that much shitter in defence


He truly is the best CB at the club, showing not how good he is, but how tragic this club is.

What a fucking shambles.


Actual wondering if the banter era ever ends :sob:


At least half the clumsy shit didn’t happen lol


I actually do think he can become a pretty good CB though. But yeah.


Shame that he can’t help us because he is our best CB atm. It says it all.