Rob Holding (16)


ACL injury generally isn’t the cause of playing to much, it’s more just bad luck tbh. Playing too much without rest is more likely to lead to soft tissue problems rather than an ACL.


Plus the guy is like 20 years old and it’s only like 4 months into the season. At that age I could play 90 minutes a night 365 days a year. You’d think at this point in his career his body should be able to handle that. If we were talking Kosh or a 30 yo + cb, I’d be more in agreement with you.


Even figures of speech can stretch too far sometimes.


Confirmed ACL injury

Out for six to nine months :slightly_frowning_face:


Fucking awful news for him. Hopefully he comes back the same


To get such a devestating injury so early in his top flight career has to be such a big blow.

Hoping he recovers with no setbacks :pray:


I recognize that this is isn’t an impact injury but it always seems like we’re losing promising young players to season ending injuries. Hopefully our medical team has turned over so we don’t repeat a Santi situation.


Feel so bad for him as this was a great opportunity for him to establish himself in Emery’s plans and now it looks like we might end up having to sign a couple of new CBs.


Or a Diaby, Wilshere, Fabregas situation. I’m not sure if there is a genuine difference in physical preparation between Emery or Wenger, but it could be we will not see chronic injuries because of it.


Absolutely gutted for Rob :slightly_frowning_face:


Rashford is a cunt


what Is the difference between a torn acl and a “ruptured” acl?


To be fair, it wasn’t a serious tackle, you can’t blame Rashford for the injury. But your point still stands, Rashford is a cunt nonetheless.


true but i feel it was so needless


Really hope we don’t sign anymore stop gap CBs in Jan or something, what we really need is an elite CB so I don’t want to see money wasted on bit part ones.


I mean the good thing is that usually ACL injuries at his age heal better than ACL’s of older players. Crappy break for him all the same, no pun intended.


Would “Caglar Söyüncü” had been a better choice than Sokratis? I certainly thought so at the time, given how much younger the Turk is, but I have no idea how he’s been doing for Leicester. At this point, I’m fairly sure he can’t be that much better than Holding.


He is young enough to recover quickly and strongly - if he was nearer 30 id be more worried. It is what it is so just needs to rebuild and get back up and running.


Where would you judge Manolas from Roma on the Shitty Stopgap to Elite CB scale?

I think he’d be a decent compromise in January. Not sure if Roma would sell.


Probably somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.