Rob Holding (16)


Standard Arsenal business resumed. Promising young talent, getting into top form, injured 6 months.


Ffs. We need big Mavro back asap


Ffs :expressionless:


No :cry: been great watching him this season ffs. Probably a season ender aswell? Need Koscielny back ASAP now


Lucky that Koss the Boss is about ready to come back, but this is a big blow… one of our emerging young players getting more and more solid… sad for him but hoping it won’t be as bad as feared.


Shame about this news, despite our defence being bang average he was making some decent strides for someone so young still.


What a shame for his progress.
Sigh, as ATT stated standard Arsenal


Thought it was an unnecessary challenge by Rashford, the gangly fuck.


If it’s any consolation he’s dreadfully average and nothing more than a speed merchant with dire decision making.


Poor Rob


Horrible news for him. But the blessing could be that when he’s back playing he might not actually have some decent defenders to learn from and a system that protects him a bit more.

With the right coaching, he’s a good squd option


FFS ACL. Hope he comes back the same player


Every season, someone within our squad ends up with a long term season ending injury, and this season it happened twice in a month :santi:

He’s been making good progress under Emery, such a shame. Get well soon Rob.


I wouldn’t mind if he came back as prime Maldini


Someone somewhere is blaming Wenger for injuries


its how stupid fucker teams play against us that causes a lot of our injuries


Get well Rob. This does seem to make us short on CB options doesn’t it ? I suppose if Kos and Mav are fit we are ok regarding numbers…


I’m not normally a vengeful person, but the way those cunts laid into us yesterday it might be justified if we threw a few hard crunchers in on them next time around.

Fuck it, clog 'em.




I felt some kind of injury was coming, he was playing far too much without any let up IMO

Hope he comes back stronger.