Rob Holding (16)


Remembers when people wanted Chambers staying and Holding going on loan. Just saying


From Holdini back to Holdestre.

Not helped by his partner mind.


Yeh but our cbs were left on an island today midfield was non existent.


You know I look at a young defender like Rugani and even though he doesn’t get a lot of playing time he’s learning everyday from Barzagli, Chiellini, Bonucci and Benatia.

Holding is learning from fucking Mustafi and a past it Dortmund reject.

I fear for his development.


Exposed today. It can happen though, as he has been good so far.


It does seem like we really struggle against fast, mobile attackers though. Richarlison was also pretty much doing what he wanted. Not sure that is on Holding.


No nonsense from Holdini


I’m becoming a big fan of Holding. He’s starting to show genuine potential that could see him becoming our leading CB in the near future.


Paolo Holdini


Last few posts didn’t hold up well at all :grimacing: What a poor tackle on Son, leading to Tottenham’s penalty and goal. Capable of better, Rob.


Was there really contact? There wasn’t any. He just didn’t get the benefit of the doubt of Dean, Son did. That cost us.


Agreed. I still don’t know what he was thinking.


He didn’t touch the guy?


I thought he touched him but it was minuscule, either way absolutely stupid choice to come rushing in like that. Shocking game awareness.


Why Rob? Whyyyyy


Apart from the dodgy slide, he was pretty good.

This caption is savage :sweat_smile:


No, hardly a scratch






FFS this is horrible news. Little by little he was getting better.