Rob Holding (16)


Holdini should be starting. Plz drop :back::on::top:


A mention for this guy as well. Stepped in well today! We didn’t really miss Sokratis.


Read people think he was MoTM. Go on Holdini!


Was very good today. Composed and strong.


The future of the Arsenal defense line. The Per Mertesacker of generations to come. The one and only - Rob Holding.


Yep. I voted for him for MOTM. Solid display. He’s our no1 CB.


Developing into a really solid option - good job from him today. We were simply let down by Moose and Xhaka on the goals.


On their first goal he was being fould and did his best to clear the ball out for a corner and then their peno. It was bull shit but Holding wasn’t at fault, hardly put a foot wrong today.


He’s not anything amazing but he’s not the dumpster fire we’re used to so it’s fine.

His partner needs binned ASAP. Where the fuck is the Greek guy (to paraphrase Nicky Sobotka)


Solid lad who should serve us well for many years.


Paolo Holdini resurrected again, what a fucking performance. Colossal


Would love him along with Sokratis. It would be a great duo.


Always knew this guy is legit


A knighthood is just around the corner


Great game for him, best I’ve seen him in a long time.


Holdini. Our #1 CB ATM


I’m sorry he didn’t cost $50M. :wenger:


Emery gonna take this kid right to the top!

Big boy talent.