Rob Holding (16)


He’ll be sitting on one of the PLs coldest benches


If we’re veering away from 3 at the back again then one of Holding/Chambers could go on loan as long as it’s an effective one


Then he’ll come back here :wink:


I’d sell him only if Evans came.


You’d sell Holding for Evans?! :joy: why


Loan him out if Evans came :wink:


No. Stay.





His contract extension has been announced. We’re not going to see more than one cb signing I reckon.


I’m happy about this to be honest. There is a real defender in there – hopefully the new coach will bring him up a level (or three). I think he has the potential to be a top player.

Holdini and the Mav Man = Arsenal’s future :sunglasses:


Think a new coach can do wonders with Chambers / Holding. Happy to see this!


Me and @Maverick79 are the future of the arsenal defence :sunglasses:

Holdini Calum Mav


That FA Cup final against Chelsea and Costa is all you need to see there’s a top class cb in there.


Now if only we could convince Arsenal of this and pick up their sort of wages…that’ll do rather nicely! We’ll be loyal to the club stay there for a good decade or so, we’ll make MILLIONS i tell ya MILLIONS…mwahahaha!


Is this guy done in the business or what?


Who is the Spanish chap speaking in this? :rofl:


Perez haha


I would love it if Perez gets a revival under Emery and becomes our LW first choice


Forgot about him lol!


Pretty sure that’s Calcedo. You can hear him shouting on the training video they released.


That was the most secure I’ve felt about our defence this whole season when he came on.

No reason he should be benched for Mustafi or Sokrais, at least as far as I can see.