Rob Holding (16)


Just when I thought he was better than Chambers, yeah nah both are just shit.


Remember when people thought he was better than John Stones because he had a couple good games to start his career with.


Yeah OTT praise but still both him and Chambers have shown good qualities initially and both regressed like clockwork, same goes for Bellerin.

It’s a staple of how the club brings through young defenders in the latter half of Wenger’s tenure.


Another player who has gone shit after a great debut. It’s all down to our shit manager.


I don’t think it’s the time to pile on Holding. This team was so devoid of any shape today Maldini would have looked like Squillaci. I think Holding is quality.


I actually thought of this in the last few weeks and wondered if you’d bring it up. You got a fair bit of stick from some people in that debate lol


Put Stones in that team and under Wenger, he will look no better than Holding.


Stones doesn’t even play for City, just sits on the bench, so not sure why that comparison would be applicable here.


Stones earned his badges with many good appearances at Everton.


Anyone playing CB at Arsenal are bound to look out of their depth to be fair. If we still manage to hold on to Holding/Chambers beyond Wenger, I’ll be saving my judgement for them then.


Stones is a first team player. He was injured thats why he lost his place. He has had a fantastic season so far and improved dramatically under Pep’s management.

Lol I can’t resist. Because as much as I like Holding, you can’t say a player with two or three senior appearances is better than the most expensive English defender who’d have a couple seasons with Everton behind him and was highly coveted by a lot of managers. Bad form was the only thing that dragged him down last season. Stones is a top talent and one of the best English defenders that has emerged in a long time. He has a very high ceiling.


I think that Stones is a lot better than Holding, both on and off the ball. He might not look great under Wenger but he’d still look better than Holding and I’m sure of that.


Holding is better than this though for sure. He joins a long list of defenders developed into shit during their time at Arsenal.


not just defenders though is it really. Iwobi came on for us looked promising, now looks fucking crap. He is doing it to all players he is just destroying their confidence left right and centre he really needs to fuck off before we cannot repair the damage he has done.


I called the Iwobi thing happening, people were saying he was different to Ox because he had technical ability :arteta:

The main ability he needs and doesn’t have is the ability not have Wenger as his coach.


I’m not disputing who’s better, he might as well be. Just saying performances under Wenger are not a fair assessment. I have to disagree Stones will look better under Wenger. At some games maybe but in the long run it will catch up with him as well. Take Bonucci as example, only took a change of scenery to make him look like a terrible defender at times so much so that the rossonerri started asking for him to get the boot.


To me, at the moment, Holding looks like exactly what he is. A £2m defender bought from Bolton.

Wenger is systematically messing him up. His confidence must be close to rock bottom.


Holding is a slightly better version of Jenkinson.
Bought on the cheap but not good enough for the first team.
He will do well at another PL club, if he wants first team football, or he could carry on as a fringe player here and wait until we get a competent manager who has a modicum of defensive coaching ability.


So by this logic Otamendi is super duper world class and Delph is basically the best LB in the world but nobody knew it yet. Let’s just forgot about all the individual errors stones and Otamendi have made over the years showing how they weren’t that good. For me it’s more realistic that they look like good defenders now because they hardly have to do any defending. Full credit to pep for that.


It’s called watching them play and appreciating their talent and development. Holding is average, Stones is not.