Rob Holding (16)


2nd time I’m posting this.


Yea, still a kid


He’s at the age where he should be on loan in the EPL. Let him cost some other cunts the points and we’ll take him back when he’s ironed out his deficiencies.


The thing is when Wenger does persist with players in poor form he’s called stuborn and accused of costing us points. It’s a no win situation really.


I think the key is to not throw them into situations that mean they are basically bound to fail. So don’t throw Holding into a centre back trio with two left backs. Not doing that would be a good place to start.


If he could turn Rob Holding into a future Tony Adams who will be solid and lead our backline for years to come. I think that would be worth it.


Holding’s passings looked a little ropey since last season to be fair

Hopefully you’re right tho and it is just a bad patch.

Haha they aren’t, I got a little carried away.


Similar trajectory as Iwobi I feel. Started off brilliantly and tailed off after a while. He has a lot of brilliant attributes, that much is known, although I suppose now it’s about composing all of that into the games he plays for us.


This video poorly analyses his three first ever appearances at this level - he was playing for Bolton before. Not really sure what you expect from a 19 year old cruelly thrown in at the deep end.

Poor example.


This is what I meant.
Both Holding & Chambers would put pressure on themselves by passing poorly & plenty of times to opponents.


Mate I wasn’t trying to analyse anything especially not 3 games in a minute 20 lol. I was just looking for a couple of clips of Holding looking ropey on the ball last season to back up what I said and that’s the best link I could think of off the top of my head.


Fair play, as mentioned in a different thread I was brown toast when on the forums.

Love you x




Arsenal keeping Bolton in buisness


We are a charity club in every sense :wenger:


Didn’t read it, but I assume it is a good deal for both parties… “we pay early, we pay less…”


That’s exactly what happened


Was he injured? As a bit weird how we had no defenders on the bench lol


How about some love for the kid? Thought he did extremely well today, only real question mark was Chambers otherwise I felt pretty good with he and Mustafi back there. First time this trio has played so a couple of thr mishaps were understandable. If not for the soft pen we’d have won this. I think the future is bright for our defense anyways.


Agree. As you say he was alright, Chambers had a shocker (at least the first half) that I think made the whole defence look worse than it was, including Mustafi as him and Chambers seemed to trade misunderstandings back and forth while Holding was mostly just doing his job next to them.