Rob Holding (16)


You can’t drop your first choice centre back :nerd_face:


We just need to keep playing him…he’s a good defender - he’s shown that. By sticking with him, he will gain confidence - we all just have to accept that he’s young and will make mistakes!


The hell has happened to him? Looks clumsy, slow and keeps making fouls


I said quite a while ago that I worried for him because just like Chambers he came in played his natural game and had a good spell but eventually in our lack of set up you’ll get caught out and burned time and time again.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone tbh, it was inevitable.


You can’t blame setup for basic errors.


I can and I will.

Lack of set up leads to errors especially for a young CB that’s clearly learning his trade on the job and not in training.


That’s a general statement but the errors made by Chambers & Holding are individual errors.
Lack of system doesn’t make you play a poor pass.


Like I’ve said in the past this kid has a way to go before he’s ready to consistently feature for this club.


Whilst that may be true you’re going to see the same shit from practically everyone that’s supposed to be nailed on in the starting XI.

Can’t wait for Chelsea.


Everytime Mertesacker shapes to pass to Holding I’m tempted to turnover, his decision making on the ball’s as bad if not worse than Gabriels.


Is it really or is he just in a bad patch?

Gabriel was fucking dire with the ball, him and Holding aren’t in the same universe.


having him in and out of the team like this is defintely going to help him i’d imagine…


Still better than stones.


Looks like Wenger’s already managed to ruin his development as well.


Can someone help me understand which is the correct way to develop younger players?

play all the time: run into the ground.
play occasionally: in and out cant be good.
play rarely: doesn’t get a chance.

Surely rotational play is exactly what he needs?


Shock Horror!!! Believe it or not most 19 year old centrebacks won’t be consistently perfect.


He’s 21


There are still a lot of 1v1 situations our defenders have to deal with. Until we solve that; defenders are going to be exposed. A player like Koscielny has his pace/mobility to recover a lot, but that’s not given for everybody.


That’s one part of the equation, let’s not forget actually teaching defence and being placed in a good organised set up to excel.

Problem is here a good defensive set up is the stuff of fairy tales and so when you initially play your natural game it’s all good but over a larger sample size you’ll eventually get consistently exposed, something similar happened to Mustafi.


It absolutely is, you’re right, but it’s about the way it is handled by Wenger that is problematic sometimes imo.

Wenger often throws players in right at the fucking deep end and when they inevitably get destroyed by someone he then unceremoniously drops them, which hardly feels like a vote of confidence and doesn’t seem to help. He did this with Chambers, throw him right into the thick of things and then disappear him when things turned bad.

If Wenger keeps throwing Holding into difficult situations in makeshift defences and then dropping him that isn’t beneficial to his development at all.