Rob Holding (16)


That was an exciting performance.

Still needs to sit behind Koscielny and Mustafi, but he’ll learn.

With Koscielny’s Achilles problem, he could be our answer.


This kid is a star in the making, fair play to Wenger for this signing.


For me he’s a starter next season whether its two or three at the back.


A serious, serious talent no doubt about it. To seize his chance as he has done the last several weeks and to cap that with yesterday’s performance in the final is hugely impressive.

He plays with more maturity than some players (not just at Arsenal) with 10 years more experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed him winding Costa right up.


Holding was excellent. Taking out Costa and then pointing to his head as if to say “that mind game winding up shit won’t work with me”, was epic.


Holding > Stones?


Didn’t actually think he had a great game yesterday. Got caught out on the wrong side of Costa more than once and generally he looked inexperienced, giving away some needless fouls. However, that’s to be expected given his age and the way he’s slotted in and performed over the last however long has been excellent.


Love how he stood up to Costa, future captain.


Owned Costa and that point to the head stating that Costa was mental :joy::joy::joy: turning into the talent we need !! Proper old school mentality player - Bould has obviously had a word like !!


Yeah if you can pick up a Rob Holding for £2m from a lower league club then your own academy defensive issues can be put to one side really, superb for his age.

My dream would be to stick with the 5 and line up someone of a similar age and character with him, marshalled by the still-not-old Mustafi. To usher in the post-Kos/Mertesacker era.



Beat me but this from different angle


I joked a few weeks back that he was the future/next Arsenal captain. Now I’m not joking.

Roberto Holdinho. He’s now one of our own.


His passing was excellent, though.


That is a fantastic shot.

Agree with @SRCJJ to a certain extent. Did lose a couple duels with Costa, but the difference in experience is vast between the two. However his overall game was pretty solid especially on the ball.

He has the foundations to be a very good CB. Comfortable on the ball and a great attitude towards defending.


£2M for English talent is really underrated, given today’s hoohar of fees this is a paltry sum in comparison.

Anyway, his overall performance in a cup final was both promising and comforting to know that we have a potential successor for when the old guard finally drift across the sea. Very pleased for him to have played blindingly well on all his appearances throughout the season and then to have a Cup Final like that AND win it is dream stuff. Proud of him!


Too bloody right, Lexi! Nice words on his team mate’s performance there.


Holding is our very own Roll Safe Guy!


Chamberlain is spot on there with what he says about Holding probably not even knowing the extent of his achievement.

Btw just gonn’ put this out there, as the yoof like to say, but Tony Adams was also 21 when he lifted the League Cup back in 1987, his first trophy with the club :smiley: 30 years ago. Too much?


He seems pretty poor in 1v1 situations so far. Definetly no his strong point. Love the way he plays though and such a great prospect for us.

Will be interesting to see how we manage Chambers and him actually.